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11 Organic & Natural Face Moisturizers For Non-Toxic Skincare

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For example, some research shows that too much exposure to parabens, a common additive to personal care products, can lead to certain diseases such as breast cancer. Similarly, sulfates are a common ingredient put in cleansers to help make them foamy. Sulfates, when heated during manufacturing processes, can take on toxic traits that may also lead to cancers and other long-term illnesses. It’s no secret our editors (and readers!) are obsessed with OSEA (read our full OSEA review here).

  • And because of this, creams and lotions can be extremely hydrating for our skin in ways that oils can’t.
  • The light consistency is great for daily use for all-day hydration without added shine and grease.
  • C-2-Believe uses all-natural Vitamin C to brighten and protect all skin types in need of a radiance boost.
  • A good skincare routine should incorporate face moisturizer that works for your skin type.
  • The Fortifying Face Balm is an extremely light serum that moisturizes the skin while leaving a matte, finished sheen.

What we put into our products is just as important as what we leave out. Our Facial Moisturizer is rich, nutritious, and will moisturize, nourish, and feed your skin leaving it healthy and beautiful. Our Facial Moisturizer goes on smooth and absorbs well, helping hold in moisture. It works to reduce lines, wrinkles, and helps repair damaged skin.

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It works to keep skin healthy and to help correct problem skin. It's also packed with pro-aging properties that helps prevent and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Our editors love this tiny but mighty tube for hydration on the go!

Best Natural Moisturizer For Face During The Day Time

We cover everything from clean beauty to sustainable fashion to natural wine, organic mattresses and more. We believe that by simply CHOOSING, we organic face cream can make a positive impact on our health and the health of the planet. Above all, I really want my face cream to deliver and retain MOISTURE.

Similarly, their Ultra Hydrating 12 Hour Facial Moisturizer nourishes deeply dry skin with ingredients like ashwagandha, kale, holy basil, reishi, and more. For an overnight moisturizer, try the fluffy, melatonin-infused Ultra Hydrating Overnight Dream Cream, which seals in moisture and helps users wake up feeling bright and flowy. It might be easy to buy whatever moisturizer you see at the drugstore. But there are potential consequences to buying a facial moisturizer without digging deeper into its ingredients.

The Fortifying Face Balm is an extremely light serum that moisturizes the skin while leaving a matte, finished sheen. Many of their botanical ingredients are Co2 extracts — a process of accessing botanical nutrients without heat and preserving all of their compounds and benefits. Their Daily Rituals moisturizer balances the skin’s pH and has a bright, illuminating effect thanks to sea buckthorn and rosehip. For a more calming cream, Task Force Nine aids dry patches, breakouts, and other minor skin concerns with turmeric, calendula, honeysuckle, and a load of other fresh ingredients. With its powerful natural ingredients (25 of nature's best botanicals), this formula restores your skin's vitality.